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Moorlands is dedicated to providing pupils with the key skills and knowledge they need to be prepared for the future; a future that more than ever before, will be a highly competitive and challenging one. Talent by itself is only part of the reason children achieve success.

Research suggests that the three vital ingredients are talent, skill and effort. Success can, of course, be measured in a number of different ways; however, most highly successful people, whatever their goals in life, have common traits which helped them get to the top in their chosen field. While many assume that these skills are innate, many of them can actually be learned and therefore taught. How much better it would be then if children were taught such skills and techniques to succeed in life; however, these are rarely taught in many schools.

By going above and beyond the academic curriculum, we aim to teach children the vital ingredients and characteristics necessary to achieve success. A survey of former pupils, who are members of our Alumni Association, shows 95% of them are now in top professional jobs. 80% went on to study at university. Of the 95% in top professional jobs, the top three most represented professions were: Medicine, Law, and Corporate Management.

Alumni Association reunion
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