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Our Ethos

As parents, if you are anything like me, you want simple things for your child.  You want them to succeed academically, grow in self-confidence, develop their talents and discover new interests. You want them to have had a breadth of experience, to be culturally aware, and to be prepared for the world beyond school.  You want them to leave as young women and men you can be proud of with a set of friends for life.  Above all you want them to be happy and fulfilled.  At Moorlands, we want the same, for each and every one of our girls and boys. We pride ourselves on being a close and supportive community where all are cared for, and all can thrive. I am confident you will find what you are looking for at Moorlands School.

Aims of the School

  • A LIFELONG PASSION FOR LEARNING – to support our pupils in continuing to develop their love for learning. We will tap into their enthusiasm, inspiring them with different experiences and learning environments. We will spark their imagination and challenge their academic boundaries, introducing them to new areas of the curriculum.
  • A BALANCED CURRICULUM – We know the pace at which children develop can differ. Talents and abilities emerge at different rates and we recognise that when joining Moorlands at age 11, children are still at an early stage in their school career. Our dedicated and caring staff are committed to nurturing the potential of each pupil, giving them the support and space they need to develop at their own space. We will offer a mix of learning experiences and will encourage pupils to participate in them all, helping them to discover where their talents lie.
  • A GOLD STANDARD OF PASTORAL CARE – We understand that the transition to, and the journey through, secondary education is an important step for children and their families. The happiness and wellbeing of each child will be our priority. Sessions with their Form Tutor and regular communication between school and home will support all aspects of pupil development.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF CHARACTER – Along with excellent academic qualifications, young people today need strength of character, determination and resilience to help them succeed in a fast-paced and uncertain world. We will support each child to develop their confidence to be themselves, to stand up for what is right and to set an example for others. They will be stretched; taking on new aspects of learning academically and personally. They will be exposed to risk and learn how to manage this. They will learn strategies to deal with success as well as to accept challenges and failure with grace and fortitude.
  • QUALITIES – Each child has many qualities, some of which will shine bright and others which may take time to emerge. We believe each child has something to offer, but will recognise it takes longer for some individuals to flourish than others. Our pupils will be cared for by people who believe in them, have faith in their potential and are committed to their success. We will educate and develop the whole child, balancing academic achievement with the development of other skills and experiences in order to prepare our young people for life beyond the school gates.
  • EXCELLENCE AND RESULTS– We are unashamed in our pursuit of excellence. We will encourage all pupils to be ambitious for themselves, both in and beyond the classroom. We will teach them that this is not just about their talent but about their approach to their own success, working hard, setting goals and being determined. Results matter in relation to reaching their potential for their future but we want all pupils to love learning and be inspired for their own futures.
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