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The ability to debate, discuss and communicate effectively with others is one of the most vital of skills. Debating helps develop critical thinking and reasoning skills and enables you to analyse evidence, articulate your own case and understand the views of others. As Albert Einstein once said, ‘if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’. Debating and public speaking also helps children think on their feet and to identify loopholes in a case, proposition or argument, vital skills in the legal profession for example.

Knowing how to research and prepare for a debate is critical in developing the ability to respond successfully to on the spot questions and cross examination, Whether they be in interviews or presentations. Pupils take part in debate coaching sessions at school, in Town Hall debates and other external public speaking opportunities.

The combination of learning all these skills and abilities helps enormously in finding solutions to complex problems and challenges. In any walk of life, presentation skills and the ability of confident self-expression plays a crucial part in how others perceive you and your chances of successfully achieving your chosen objective.

Debating & Public Speaking
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